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We are Running a Successful Business Since 2007

Established in the year 2007, We Ferron Equipments PVT. LTD. have made a mark in the industry as one of the foremost Manufacturer and Exporter of engineering products such as Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Hydraulic Goods Lift, Material Handling Lift and many more. Under the profound supervision of our mentor, Ferron have been growing at rapid pace and offering products that conform to the established industry standards. In addition to this, we adopt standardized procedures for executing the tasks, which assist our experts in delivering unparalleled results. Ferron are encompassed with an enthusiastic team of engineers and professionals, who have stood beside us and have enabled us in delivering precision engineered equipment. With our honest and transparent organizational processes, Ferron have achieved a large customer base.

Ferron Equipments Pvt Ltd

Hydraulic Lifts Manufacturers
Hydraulic Lifts Manufacturers in Chennai


Team of Passionate Professionals

In order to have smooth execution of trade tasks, a modern infrastructure set up is built by us as per prevailing architectural layout. Our firm has maintained a designing cell, where blue-prints and plans are prepared for products. The manufacturing cell covers the major area, several hi-tech machines and tools are updated in it so that entire gamut can be produced in a good speed. Moreover, we have a spacious warehouse, where entire self-made as well as raw material is safely stored till dispatch. Furthermore, our different divisions namely admin, sales & marketing, quality aid in smooth functioning of the firm.


Certified by the Building Council

Ferron, being a very quality conscious organization, ensure that Ferron implement and adhere to stringent quality control measures as per the international standards. Each and every stage, starting from the procurement of the raw materials till the last stage of production is carefully monitored under the supervision of our quality experts. The raw materials are acquired from the most reliable vendors in the market and are cross checked thoroughly before being used in the manufacturing process.


We're Thriving & Building Better Products

We have become one of the biggest and most regarded proprietor worked independent lift companies in the country while delivering service the manner in which it used to be!
  • Less expensive to install
  • Occupy less space
  • Do not require a separate machine room
  • High strength, Dimensional Accuracy and Robustness

We Want to Lead in Innovation & Technology

The foundation of the company is totally dependent upon our steady team of HR whose consistent dedication and responsibility has persistently yielded outputs.
Our work power's experience and genuine efforts completely helps in smooth production and supply of predominant quality lifts or elevators for carrying people, automobile and industrial materials. On account of its quality driven methodology and decided mission to deliver phenomenal output, the company is profoundly esteemed for its world class quality. Besides the products are effectively available in different specifications, sizes and grades to coordinate the customer's diverse necessities and requirements.






Our Lifting Equipments
Hydraulic Dock Ramp Manufacturers in Chennai
Hydraulic dock ramps can help with expanding both productivity and security. Hydraulic dock ramps go about as a contact between your warehouse and vehicles, compensating for contrasts in level, and filling the hole among truck and building. Accordingly they keep your people safe and safeguard the goods they're shipping. It work on the loading and unloading stream, decreasing stand by times.
Hydraulic Dock Leveler Manufacturers in Chennai
To guarantee the most ideal loading process, your office needs a quality hydraulic dock leveler. Subsequent to pressing the button, a hydraulic dock leveler will start a programmed succession where the deck and lip get sorted out. Contrasted with different models, hydraulic dock levelers explicitly offer remarkable mechanical benefits that make them the most secure and most proficient choice available.
Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Scissor lifts are adaptable. Compared to all other equipment, scissor lifts are ostensibly the most financial and adaptable solution. A scissor lift is essentially the most minimized sort of flying work platform you will at any point find. This is significant with regards to restricted spaces, for example, occasion spaces or firmly pressed storage facilities where level access is confined by stacked boxes.
Hydraulic Goods Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
A goods lift saves the valuable money that you can use in other key ventures of your business. A one-time speculation can possibly save your common expense. In the event that you are dealing with a shopping complex, you know about the common expense to move goods to different floors. With goods lifts, you are saving lots of money. Simultaneously, you are saving your time and resources.
Wall Mount Goods Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Wall mounted goods lift can be an incredible decision for organizations that have a ton of weighty things to move. Wall mounted goods lift is not difficult to utilize and effectiveness and that implies less time spent on work serious assignments. Wall mounted goods lifts are likewise well known among private companies since they don't need a lot of maintenance or repair.
Pit Mounted Goods Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Pit type scissor lift can improved safety, ease of use, quick set up times, and reduced installation time. These lifts are often a preferred choice for businesses that need to move large or heavy objects quickly and efficiently. They also feature precision-machined components that make them virtually maintenance free. It is used in warehouses and other industrial settings.
Floor Mounted Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Floor mounted scissor lifts are perfect for businesses that need to move large quantities of materials or equipment quickly and efficiently. This type of lift is versatile and can be used to handle a variety of tasks, including loading and unloading trucks, moving furniture, moving boxes, and more. Floor mounted scissor lifts have standard controls that allow you to adjust the height as well as the speed.
Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
A heavy-duty scissor lift should be designed with powerful parts and numerous security highlights. The activation of the lift should uphold the heaviness of a client's item and be designed to work immaculately in conditions where cycles each hour or day will test its flexibility. It incorporates a remotely mounted power unit and can incorporate mounted controls or a handheld pendant design.
Double Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Double scissor lifts take almost little space. So chance that you are searching for a solution that takes little space, scissor lifts are an extraordinary decision. The double scissor lift control system moves the hydraulic liquid from the power pack unit to the working chambers. The platform raises and brings on the scissors down to put a vehicle at ergonomic levels for explicit maintenance undertakings.
Zero Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
The Zero Scissor Lift is designed to act as a solution for lifting and taking care of tasks requiring roll-on loading at floor level without requiring perilous ramps or expensive pit construction. The Zero Scissor Lift units are low-maintenance, flexible, and can help in any activity where the load begins at ground level and is raised to your ideal working level, making this model reasonable for forklift free tasks.
Self Propelled Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Without independent control box, oneself pushed self propelled scissor lift can be worked through the control box on the platform. So just a single operator/ client/ specialist can deal with self propelled scissor lift freely, saving the expense of workforce. Electric self propelled scissor lift creates no clamours or exhaust emanation which can influence clients' involvement with hotels, libraries, stores, and so on.
Truck Mounted Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Chennai
Truck Mounted Scissor lifts are prepared on the truck frame, the power supply comes from the truck engine, it needn't bother with any out coming power sources; high working limit, most roomy platforms for a few group to chip away at, effectively moved, high strength steel structures, easily lifting up and dropping down, effortlessly worked; The out riggers could be physically worked or hydraulic.


To work, hydraulic fluid is first placed into the hydraulic chamber/s. At the point when this is done, the cylinder moves outward, isolating the scissor legs separated. As the scissor legs open, the stage additionally rises upward. This can happen on the grounds that one finish of both the external and inward legs is associated with the base and the stage. When bringing down the lift table, a down valve is to be opened. This valve empowers liquid to leave the cylinder at a rate that is controlled.

Routine dock leveller maintenance guarantees that the workplace at your loading docks is more secure for everybody. The motivation behind dock levellers is to fill in the hole among trucks and your loading docks so forklifts can securely go all through the trucks to load and unload them. Since dock levellers are lasting installations at your loading docks and they are utilized ordinarily consistently, ensure that every one of the segments of dock levellers is intermittently assessed for mileage, so that parts that are destroying can be replaced.

• Speedier to install than other lift types
• More affordable to introduce and maintain Ideal for transporting heavy loads
• Consume less space in a structure
• Choice to have machine room-less arrangement

• Working Height: 21 ft (6.57 m) to 46 ft (14.02 m)
• Weight: 10ton.
• Lift Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg) to 1500 lbs (680 kg)
• Ground freedom: 3.9 in 100 mm.
• Appropriate for lifting substantial burdens to higher statures.
• Vertical development of Heavy duty equipment
• Railings accessible in different kind

A dock leveller forms a ramp to connect the distance between the dock and truck. It should have the option to make up for the all over development of the trailer during loading and unloading. A dock leveller should uphold very heavy loads, service a wide scope of truck statures, and make up for shifted trucks.A dock leveller incorporates a slope and a lip. The slope is pivoted at along its back edge, and the lip is hinged at the front of the incline. To utilize a dock leveller, raise the incline. The lip will swing out. With the lip broadened, bring down the incline until the lip lies on the truck.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift,Portable Scissor Lift,Loading and Unloading Scissor Lift in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Andhra

Hydraulic scissor lifts can be utilized inside and outside and powered by either an electric engine or compressed air. From one chamber to another, the hydraulic fluid is pushed or depleted, permitting the scissor lift to raise or drop on a case by case basis. Warehouses, construction destinations, and foundation projects are great spots to utilize hydraulic scissor lifts.

Hydraulic Goods Lift,Heavy Duty Goods Lift,Cabin Type Goods Lift,Wall Mounted Goods Lift in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Andhra

Hydraulic Goods Lifts have become progressively better known and fundamental for transportation. The Hydraulic Goods Lifts don't need a different machine room and take around 10% less region for the lift shaft contrasted with other ordinary lifts. Hydraulic Goods Lifts are cheaper to install compared to other lifts.

Loading Dock Ramp,Portable Dock Ramp,Warehouse Dock Ramp Lift,Truck Loading Ramp in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Andhra

Hydraulic Dock Ramps can likewise be built to your particular height prerequisites to guarantee ideal safety and the most ideal fit with your equipment and office. Hydraulic Dock Ramp can be designed to fit in a restricted space learn against a wall, or stay under the radar with the goal that you have more space to move in view of your requirements.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler,Automatic Dock Leveler,Loading Dock Leveler,Industrial Dock Leveler in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Andhra

Hydraulic dock levelers are worked with the press of a button on a control board, done requiring the operator to physically utilize a force chain. All things being equal, the operator utilizes a control or a button to raise and lower the leveler and broaden or store the lip. Hydraulic dock levelers utilize hydraulic chambers and hydraulic pumps to consequently lift and spot the leveler and lip.

Zero Scissor Lift,SS Cabin Goods Lift,Warehouse Dock Lift,Portable Dock Ramp in Bangalore,Hyderabad,Andhra

Zero Scissor Lift can be raised to a height of 1,600 mm, it gives ground level roll-on loading, roll-off loading. It wipes out the cost related with pits, ramps and fork trucks while offering no gamble of difficult work wounds or strain. A wheel-mounted choice is accessible for simple versatility. Extra highlights incorporate hydraulic, double scissor activity, and over-burdening prevented through a pressure help valve.